Your Website Needs a Terms of Service and Conditions of Use

Website Terms and conditions also known as website terms of service or website terms of use are the legally binding terms and conditions imposed on users that access your website.

Create a Lawyer-Drafted Terms of Use for your website

 Regardless of how you refer to them, Website Terms of Service will address key issues such as permitted uses of the site, intellectual property right protections (like copyright and trademark) terms of sale and refund policies, and guidelines for user submitted content.

$749.99 + HST.

Why do I need website terms and conditions?

Website operators spend thousands of dollars each year or even each month directing a steady flow of traffic to their website. While a strong web presence and funneling clients to your site through various forms of digital marketing are an essential component of any successful modern business, each time a user accesses your site, you expose your business to potential liability stemming from representations and advice given on your site, user submitted content, and consumer data breaches (to name a few risks).

Having properly implemented and legally binding website terms and conditions will limit your liability from potential legal claims. You will also have a direct contractual relationship with your users which provides a remedy against users that breach the terms of service or cause harm to other users.

How to Draft Website Terms and Conditions or Website Terms of Use with Supply Law


Submit your request for a consultation.


A licensed Ontario contract lawyer will contact you and provide you with a questionnaire about your business and your website.


Return your completed questionnaire and your lawyer will produce a draft version of your website terms and conditions.


Review your draft website terms and conditions and provide your feedback.


Your lawyer will review your feedback and make any necessary amendments based on your and provide you with a final draft version of your website terms and conditions that you can use right away.

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