Start a Business

You’ve got a great idea that you want to take to market but, legally speaking, you’re not sure where to start. With so many potential pitfalls you’ll want legal advice for starting a business.

Affordable Small Business Startup Legal Advice

You can spend hours googling the various laws and regulations that might apply to your business or you can get affordable legal advice for starting a business from Supply Law. Your time is valuable. Supply Law can provide you with the small business startup legal advice you need so you can go back to acquiring new clients and building your brand.

Do I need a lawyer to start a business?

Being your own boss is a rewarding experience but starting a new business always involves a degree of risk. Receiving legal advice when starting a business helps protect the countless hours and resources you’ll be investing. Doing the necessary legal due diligence from the onset also increases the likelihood that someone will want to buy your business in the future (and the price they’re willing to pay). The steps you take now will pay dividends down the road. Save money and minimize risk by setting yourself up for success from the start.

Start-Up Legal Advice Session

Make sure your small business is off to the right start. Schedule a virtual review session where a small business start-up lawyer will ask you questions about how you do business and provide written recommendations for how you can minimize your potential risks

Price: $165.00 + HST

New Client Start-Up Legal Advice Fee Waiver

If you’re a new client and you retain Supply Law to implement any of the recommendations you receive from your Start-up Legal Advice Session, Supply Law will deduct the $165.00 Start-Up Advice Session Fee from your first invoice.

Basic Incorporation (Ontario or Canada)

Almost all small businesses owners will want to incorporate in order to minimize their personal liability and tax obligations. Supply Law makes incorporation convenient and stress free by selecting the right jurisdiction for incorporation, performing any necessary corporate name searches, and properly filing your articles of incorporation. When your corporation is complete, you’ll receive a copy of your corporate minute book with everything you need to maintain your new corporation. 

Price: $495.00 + HST 

Federal or provincial incorporation fees not included (approximately $200-300 depending on jurisdiction).

Terms of Use

Every time someone visits your website or downloads your app your business takes on new liability. Terms of Use create a legally binding relationship between you and your users to help protect your business and intellectual property, provide you with recourse for any improper usage, and reduce your liability in the event you breach the terms. With this package Supply Law will provide you with a virtual consultation to better understand your business before providing you with Terms of Use tailored to how you do business $495.00+HST.

Independent Consultant Agreement

Sometimes your business is built entirely on your knowledge and skills. Having a properly drafted Independent Consultant Agreement means less disputes between you and your clients and a greater likelihood you’ll get paid on time. Don’t get short-changed. With this package you’ll receive a virtual legal consultation to discuss your services and receive a custom Consultant Agreement appropriate to your industry and risks. $495.00+HST.

Commercial Lease Review

While many businesses have gone virtual, many small businesses still need commercial space. A long-term lease can mean a long-term headache if you aren’t careful. Supply Law can review your commercial lease agreement, translate it into language you can understand, and flag any problematic terms. Get the full picture before you commit $20.00 per page +HST and accompanying legal advice letter $165.00+HST.

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* As with all legal matters, pricing will ultimately depend on the complexity of the situation and the time a lawyer spends working on a file. All references to pricing and flat rate fees reflect the standard rate in usual circumstances. In the event the complexity or time spent working on a file exceeds usual circumstances Supply Law reserves the right to provide you with a revised estimate and you may choose to accept the new estimate and continue with work or terminate the retainer agreement and only pay for those services already rendered.