Small Claims

Whether you have unpaid invoices or a contract dispute, the cost of legal representation shouldn’t stop you from enforcing your legal rights. Supply Law’s low overhead and low hourly rates make it possible to have an Ontario Small Claims Court lawyer.

Do I need to have a lawyer for the Ontario Small Claims Court?

Legally no. But, because the monetary limit for Small Claims Court was recently raised to $35,000.00, you can expect to see more disputes being pursued in Small Claims Court and increased legal representation there. Because there can be cost consequences awarded in an unsuccessful claim or defence, it’s important to have an Ontario Small Claims Court lawyer to properly guide you through the process. If you are suing (or are being sued) in the Ontario Small Claims Court, Supply Law can represent you or give you the guidance you need to represent yourself.

Legal Opinion

Are you thinking about starting a small claims court lawsuit, or is another party threatening to take you to court? Supply Law can help evaluate the strength of your potential claim (or a claim against you) and the damages you (or they) may actually be entitled to. 

Price: $165.00 + HST

Demand Letter

Before you start a legal action consider sending a demand letter. A properly drafted demand letter shows you’ve retained counsel and are serious about enforcing your rights. You may just get what you want without going to court. 

Price: $220.00 + HST

Draft a Plaintiff’s Claim

To start your claim off right, you’ll need to argue the proper cause of action. Supply Law can properly draft, serve, and file, your claim to increase the chances you’ll be successful at trial. 

Price: $545 + HST

(cost of court filing fees and process service not included)

Draft a Statement of Defence

Sometimes the best offence is strong defence. Protect your business the best you can by having Supply Law draft your statement of defence. 

Price: $545 + HST 

(cost of court filing fees and process service not included)

Attend a Settlement Conference

Before you head to trial, as part of the Small Claims Court process you’ll need to attend a mandatory settlement conference with a judge and the opposing party. A well conducted settlement conference can resolve your dispute without going to trial. Supply Law can attend a settlement conference for you to help negotiate the best end to your ongoing litigation. 

Price: $330.00 + HST

Trial Coaching

If you have the confidence to bring your case to trial all on your own, with Supply Law you can have an Ontario Small Claims Court lawyer coach you from behind the scenes and help make sure you avoid any pitfalls that could be fatal to your claim or defence. 

Price: $165.00 + HST per hour

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* As with all legal matters, pricing will ultimately depend on the complexity of the situation and the time a lawyer spends working on a file. All references to pricing and flat rate fees reflect the standard rate in usual circumstances. In the event the complexity or time spent working on a file exceeds usual circumstances Supply Law reserves the right to provide you with a revised estimate and you may choose to accept the new estimate and continue with work or terminate the retainer agreement and only pay for those services already rendered.