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Verbal contracts and handshake deals in Ontario are good for building trust but won’t be very helpful if you find yourself in a breach of contract claim. Having properly drafted agreements are key in protecting your business and your livelihood. 

Supply Law specializes in providing small businesses with access to affordable legal contracts at all stages of growth.

You need contracts for your small business but hiring a traditional Ontario contract lawyer to create a contract can be expensive. When big law firms charge by the hour, you often won’t know how much your contract will cost until you get the bill. Supply Law makes having a dedicated business contract lawyer affordable and, with transparent flat fee billing, there won’t be any surprises when it’s time to pay.


Easy 5 Step Process to Getting the Contract You Need


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Review your draft agreement and provide your feedback.


Your lawyer will amend the draft agreement based on your feedback and provide you with a finalized contract

Important Legal Contracts for Ontario Small Business Owners

Website Privacy Policy

Yes, if you are doing business in Ontario you legally need a website privacy policy that complies with the privacy laws of Canada as well as the provinces you will be doing business in.

Independent Contractor Agreement

When you hire a worker with an independent contractor agreement in Ontario there is a risk that the courts will find your worker was actually an employee and hold you financially liable for any number of payments the worker should have legally been provided. A proper Contract can help ensure your business remains profitable and protected.

Website Terms of Service

Each time a user accesses your website, you expose your business to potential liability stemming from representations and advice given on your site, user submitted content, and consumer data breaches. Minimize your liability with a customized T.O.S. created just for your business.

Service Contracts/Agreements

Every time you sign up a new client for your services you will increase your profits but also create new risks for your business. Avoid templates containing improper or incomplete terms that you may not understand.

Small Business Lawyer Reviews

"I run two very different businesses (a makeup line and backpack manufacturing company). Supply Law drafted custom privacy policies and terms of service for my sites. Working with Supply Law was quick and easy, I got the answers I needed right away."

Thảo N.

"What I found most useful about Supply Law was the ability to have a contract filled with legalese explained to me in language I could understand. When I used Supply Law for legal advice, I received an honest answer about the strength of my position and felt more confident about the business decisions I needed to make."

Michael D.

"Supply Law drafted a power of attorney for me so I could complete a transaction while I was out of the country. No issues whatsoever, seamless service."

Jacob Y.

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