Legal Partnership Agreements for Ontario Businesses

Partnerships are like marriages, while some last for many years, most end up with lawyers dividing up assets.

A properly drafted Ontario partnership agreement outlines each partner’s respective rights and obligations concerning a business partnership or joint venture in Ontario.

Start Out on the Right Foot with an Iron-Clad Partnership Agreement

A general Partnership Agreement will address the ownership of property brought into the partnership, the time and services each partner will commit to the business, and what happens in the event the partners want to dissolve the partnership or a partner wishes to leave the firm.

$2499.99 + HST.

Why do I need a Partnership Agreement?

An Ontario partnership agreement helps clarify the partners legal entitlements and ownership of partnership assets (such as a client list, trademarks, and goodwill) to reduce the chances the partnership will end with a legal dispute.

In Ontario, Partnership Agreements are governed by the Ontario Partnership Act whether or not you have a written agreement in place. Because the default rules in the Partnership Act will apply where there is no agreement or an incomplete agreement between the partners, you can often wind up with a result that seems unfair if you do not have a proper partnership contract between you and your business partners. 

Without a clearly defined Partnership Agreement, your partners have equal rights to the profits or assets of the firm regardless of how much they contributed. This can also result in a situation where one partner will not permit the others from using the firm name when they decide they want to exit the venture.

How to Draft a Partnership Agreement with Supply Law


Submit your request for a consultation.


A licensed Ontario contract lawyer will contact you and provide you with a questionnaire about your partnership.


Return your completed questionnaire and your lawyer will produce a draft version of your partnership agreement.


Review your draft partnership agreement and provide your feedback.


Your lawyer will review your feedback, make any necessary amendments, and provide you with a final draft version of a partnership agreement you can use right away.

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