Legally Binding Ontario Employment Contracts

As your business grows you’ll need to hire new employees to help manage your success. A properly drafted Ontario employment agreement or temporary employment contract will help clarify your employees’ roles and responsibilities and prevent legal disputes with your staff.

Create a Custom Employment Agreement

A legally binding Ontario employment agreement drafted by a licensed Ontario contract lawyer will help minimize expensive legal disputes with your employees and help prevent your employees from coming after you for outstanding notice pay, severance, or benefits when the employment relationship comes to an end.

$649.99 + HST.

What are the benefits of an Ontario employment contract?

Your employees are a valuable asset of your business, but they can also be a large financial liability without a legally binding Ontario employment agreements in place. Under the Ontario Employment Standards Act your employees are entitled to minimum legal protections and entitlements. If you provide less than those entitlements by downloading a simple employment contract template that is not legally enforceable you could end up paying your employees months of compensation even when you have to dismiss them for cause.

Don’t download a free standard employment contract template for your Ontario business. Supply Law offers affordable flat fee contract drafting services tailored for your Ontario based business.

How to Draft an Ontario Employment Agreement with Supply Law


Submit your request for a consultation.


A licensed Ontario contract lawyer will contact you and provide you with a questionnaire about your business and the services the employee will be delivering.


Return your completed questionnaire and your lawyer will produce a draft version of your employment agreement.


Review your draft employment contract and provide your feedback.


Your lawyer will review your employment contract and make any necessary amendments based on your feedback and provide you with a final draft version of your employment agreement that you can use right away.

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