Get a Legal Opinion

There are countless rules and regulations you’ll encounter when trying to operate your small business. You can spend your time on Google searching for answers to your daily legal questions or you can get affordable business legal advice online from an Ontario Lawyer.

Your Time is Valuable

Whether you’re in the construction industry or have an e-commerce company, you’ll need legal advice from time to time. With Supply Law it’s quick and easy to have a virtual business lawyer consultation from the comfort of your home or office. Get the legal advice your small business needs to succeed so you can get back to building your brand and acquiring new clients.

With Big Firms It’s Easy for Your Small Business to Get Overlooked

Traditional law firms are built top-down. With partners, senior associates, junior lawyers, and law students, there’s no guarantee that the person you’re speaking with will be the one working on your file. The best legal advice for your small business will come from having a single lawyer working directly on your file. In law, details make the difference, by moving beyond the traditional law firm model Supply Law can afford to be intimately familiar with your goals and needs.

Personal in House Counsel

With Supply Law you can afford to have a dedicated business lawyer on call when you need legal advice. When you’ve encountered a legal issue and can’t find the answer, simply schedule a virtual legal advice session and get the guidance you need to get back to business.

Legal Advice

Get business legal advice online from an Ontario Lawyer. Provide an overview of the problem you have or question you need answered, receive an estimate of the time involved based on the complexity of your issue, approve the estimate and receive written answers and advice shortly. If you have follow up questions or need more guidance you can schedule a video or telephone call to review your advice. 

Price: $165.00+HST per hour and $82.50+HST per half hour of follow up advice. 

No more surprises. Get legal advice based on your budget.

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* As with all legal matters, pricing will ultimately depend on the complexity of the situation and the time a lawyer spends working on a file. All references to pricing and flat rate fees reflect the standard rate in usual circumstances. In the event the complexity or time spent working on a file exceeds usual circumstances Supply Law reserves the right to provide you with a revised estimate and you may choose to accept the new estimate and continue with work or terminate the retainer agreement and only pay for those services already rendered.