Create or Review a Legal Contract

Properly drafted agreements will help protect your business by preventing expensive contract disputes.

Essential Business Contracts

Build a strong foundation for your business from the start with properly drafted essential contracts. 

Popular Contracts For Small Ontario Businesses: 

From: $649.99 CDN

(includes intake call, draft document preparation, review session/amendment, and final PDF and Word versions)

Advanced Business Contracts

As your business grows, you may need more complicated agreements to govern your business relationships. 

Starting A Business Doesn’t Have To Be A Hassle:  

From: $2499.99 CDN

(includes intake call, draft document preparation, up to two review sessions/amendments, and final PDF and Word versions)

Basic Business Contracts

These short-form agreements provide big protection. 

Easy, One-Price Contracts:  

From: $349.99 CDN

(includes intake call, draft document preparation, review session/amendment, and final PDF and Word versions)

Ontario Small Business Contracts Made Easy and Affordable

You need contracts for your small business but hiring a traditional Ontario contract lawyer to create a contract can be expensive. When big law firms charge by the hour, you often won’t know how much your contract will cost until you get the bill. Supply Law makes having a dedicated business contract lawyer affordable and, with transparent flat fee billing, there won’t be any surprises when it’s time to pay.

Your contracts say a lot about your business. Don’t lose clients when it’s time to sign by presenting unenforceable or clearly amateur drafted agreements. When you need to create a contract, Supply Law’s affordable prices mean you can stop downloading your contracts from the internet. Start protecting your interests instead of hoping for the best.

Review Your Contracts

A long-term contract can mean a long-term headache if you aren’t careful. Before you bind your business to a lengthy contract filled with legalese it’s always a good idea to have a contract review lawyer look over the agreement. With Supply Law you can have a licensed Ontario contract lawyer review your agreement, flag any problematic terms, and translate the document into plain English so you can confirm that the contract you are signing matches your understanding of the deal. Get the full picture before you commit.

Do you sense a contract dispute around the corner? Give Supply Law the facts and have a business contract lawyer review your agreement, conduct a legal analysis, and advise you of the law. Make sure you have a full understanding of your legal rights before making any lasting decisions that could impact your business.

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* As with all legal matters, pricing will ultimately depend on the complexity of the situation and the time a lawyer spends working on a file. All references to pricing and flat rate fees reflect the standard rate in usual circumstances. In the event the complexity or time spent working on a file exceeds usual circumstances Supply Law reserves the right to provide you with a revised estimate and you may choose to accept the new estimate and continue with work or terminate the retainer agreement and only pay for those services already rendered.