Consultant Agreements for Ontario Businesses

An independent contractor agreement or independent consultant agreement is a legally binding agreement between a business and a worker who has agreed to provide the business with services but won’t be hired on as an employee.

Because independent contractors are not employees, the contractor (and not the business owner) is responsible for their own expenses involved in providing the services as well as remitting taxes to the government for the income they receive from their services.

Independent Contractor Agreement (For the Business)

Ensure your business is protected with an agreement drafted by an Ontario Lawyer. Don’t leave questions unanswered and who is responsible for what, undefined. Supply Law can review your goals and craft an agreement that clearly defines roles, responsibilities and ownership.

$649.99 + HST.

Independent Consultant Agreement (For the Consultant)

Sometimes your business is built entirely on your knowledge and skills. Having a properly drafted Independent Consultant Agreement means less disputes between you and your clients and a greater likelihood you’ll get paid on time. 

Don’t get short-changed. With this package you’ll receive a virtual legal consultation to discuss your services and receive a custom Consultant Agreement appropriate to your industry and risks.

$649.99+ HST.

Why do I need an independent contractor agreement?

When you hire a worker with an independent contractor agreement in Ontario there is a risk that the courts will find your worker was actually an employee and hold you financially liable for any number of payments the worker should have legally been provided. These risks include your business being liable for payroll tax that wasn’t properly deducted from the independent contractor or notice pay owing to the contractor on termination of their employment. 

A legally binding independent contractor agreement or independent consultant agreement drafted by a licensed Ontario contract lawyer will help minimize the risk that your employee will found to be an employee. Don’t download a free contractor agreement template for your Ontario business. Supply Law offers affordable flat fee contract drafting services so you can have properly drafted contracts tailored to your Ontario based business. 

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How to Draft an Independent Contractor Agreement with Supply Law


Submit your request for a consultation.


A licensed Ontario contract lawyer will contact you and provide you with a questionnaire about your business and the services the independent contractor or independent consultant will be delivering to your business.


Return your completed questionnaire and your lawyer will produce a draft version of your independent contractor agreement.


Review your draft service agreement and provide your feedback.


Your lawyer will review your contract and make any necessary amendments based on your feedback and provide you with a final draft version of your independent contractor agreement that you can use right away.

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