$165.00+HST hourly . Flat rate pricing is available on most standard services.

Supply Law strives to provide transparency in all aspects of the solicitor-client relationship; this includes your legal bill. At the start of the relationship, you will receive a written retainer agreement clearly outlining the services you will be receiving and an estimate of the total fees. If the required work will exceed the estimate you were given by more than 10%, you will be provided with a new estimate for you to approve before going any further.

No one knows your small business better than you. That’s why the best result will come from working together. Supply Law is here to explain the law and how it applies to your case so that you’ll feel confident making the legal decisions that are best suited for you and your business.

Yes. Many business owners have secondary income properties so landlord tenancy disputes are matters Supply Law frequently handles.

Yes, (practically speaking) a contract you downloaded from the internet can be legally binding. However, if you can’t understand the legalese you wont know what you are agreeing to and whether the agreement will have the effect you intend. Because contracts are personal and fact specific, the best agreements come from working with a lawyer who understands your goals and how to fine tune your contracts to achieve those goals.

Supply Law provides virtual legal advice to small businesses all across Ontario.

Yes, Supply Law is happy to help provide you with advice or representation for personal legal disputes.

Some of the areas Supply Law can advise you in include:

  • Civil litigation & commercial litigation
  • Corporate and commercial transactions and asset transactions
  • Tenant side and landlord side commercial leasing disputes
  • Employment law
  • Human Rights
  • Consumer Protection
  • Municipal law
  • Construction law
  • Entertainment law
  • Contract law
  • Debt enforcement and collections
  • Privacy law