Draft a Demand Letter

Running a business isn’t always smooth sailing. If you have unpaid invoices you need to collect or are currently involved in a contract dispute, you’ll want to send a final demand letter before legal action is started.

Why Send a Demand Letter?

Over 90% of legal actions are resolved before trial. A strong demand letter for payment or demand letter for breach of contract increases the chances that you’ll get what you want without going to court. With a properly drafted demand letter, you’ll show the other side that you’ve retained counsel and are serious about enforcing your legal rights.

Aside from potentially resolving your dispute, there are other reasons why it is important to send a demand letter. If you have to head to trial, you’ll want to make sure that the opposing party has assets to satisfy any judgment you may be awarded. Giving the opposing party notice of intent to sue in Ontario makes it more difficult for defendants to transfer any personal or business assets to attempt to avoid paying a judgment against them.

Did you receive a demand letter?

Receiving a demand letter from a lawyer can be intimidating. You might disagree with what’s been written about you or dispute what they claim you owe them. Sometimes the best start to preparing your defence to a legal action is by having a lawyer review the demand letter, conduct a legal analysis and draft a strong reply to help dissuade the opposing party from starting a lawsuit.

Demand Letter

Have an Ontario lawyer review the facts or underlying agreement, conduct a legal analysis, and clearly articulate your demand in writing 

Price: $220.00+HST.

Legal Opinion and Reply

Did you receive a demand letter? You’ll need legal advice to know whether it’s baseless or legitimate. Supply Law can help evaluate the strength of the potential claim and draft a strong reply to make them think twice about starting a lawsuit. 

Price: $330.00+HST

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* As with all legal matters, pricing will ultimately depend on the complexity of the situation and the time a lawyer spends working on a file. All references to pricing and flat rate fees reflect the standard rate in usual circumstances. In the event the complexity or time spent working on a file exceeds usual circumstances Supply Law reserves the right to provide you with a revised estimate and you may choose to accept the new estimate and continue with work or terminate the retainer agreement and only pay for those services already rendered.