Whether you’ve drafted your own contract or have received a contract from another business to sign, a long-term contract can mean a long-term headache if you aren’t careful. Before you bind your business to a lengthy contract filled with legalese it’s always a good idea to have a contract review lawyer look over the agreement. With Supply Law you can have a licensed Ontario contract lawyer review your agreement, make any necessary amendments, flag any problematic terms, and translate the document into plain English so you can confirm that the contract you are signing matches your understanding of the deal. Get the full picture before you commit.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Lawyer Review my Contract?

Contracts come in all shapes and sizes and with varying degrees of complexity. From a simple one-page release to a lengthy shareholder’s agreement, the amount of time a lawyer needs to properly review your contract will largely determine the price.

No More Surprises

Supply law offers flat-fee pricing for contract review for your small business. Simply submit a contact request for to receive a flat fee estimate to have your contract review by a licensed Ontario contract lawyer.