About Supply Law

Supply Law provides affordable, Legal Contracts to Ontario Small Business Owners, Contractors and Consultants.

Advice You Can Afford

Supply Law moves beyond the traditional law firm model to provide your small business with access to effective legal services. No paid parking, no boardrooms, no frills legal services. Get the advice you need at a price you can afford.

The Benefits of a Remote Practice

From document signing to client meetings and even virtual court hearings, most legal work these days can be done remotely. By operating a virtual paperless office, Supply Law provides the convenience of receiving legal services from the comfort of your home or at your place of business.

Straight From the Supply

At big law firms, the higher ups (charging the highest hourly rates) are often the most removed from the legal research and analysis underlying your file. With Supply Law, you’ll have the same lawyer handle all aspects of your file from beginning to end.

The Attention You Deserve

In law, details make the difference, Supply Law has the time to be intimately familiar with your legal goals and needs.

Not sure what you need?

No Problem! Grab a time for a quick chat and some helpful advice.

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